Alert, Alert

Crack the Spine Literary Magazine has published my short story, “Alert, Alert.”

Original link:

Mahesh Nair – Alert, Alert

Hope you like it. Thanks.


Copied link:


Contributors: James Brush, Christine Catalano, Matt Dugan, John Leo, Kathleen Brewin Lewis, Mahesh Nair, Michael Proctor, Richard Weaver.

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Categories: Fiction


  1. Enjoyed your piece here dear Write Might!
    The theme of bagels (with cost- order size – accompaniment of cream cheese – and the aroma) fits in nice contrast with the heavy topic of her relocation and adjusting to the new life and healing from the trauma of religious persecution –
    Very relevant topic – classic New York with the bagels and courier service – social angles with people – and even the melting pot of immigrants – such a thought provoking piece Mahesh!

  2. Congratulations on the publishing of this short story, Mahesh! I wish you all the best with the novel too. As I read about the courrier, I couldn’t help wishing I could up that tip to $70 for real xx

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