Acceptance, Publication


I can’t believe that I’ve been away from blogging for almost four months. It’s a long time and yet it’s not, as though a truck whooshed past in slow mo.

I sent a couple of stories out during those months. An online journal accepted a story. I was thrilled.  They publish a new piece every Monday. So I waited to see my piece appear on their website. I was desperate to write a post here linking it to the piece. I waited.

Eight weeks passed and Mondays continued to be menacing. I considered writing to the editor to check on the date of publication, but feared that my email query might be perceived as impolite. But, when the story didn’t appear last Monday, I wrote to them and got a response within an hour, that my story would publish on May 23, 2016.

I rubbed my eyes, scratched my head, comforted myself thinking the month of May this year was still away.

No. We’re already in August and the year mentioned was 2016. Huh.

There was a note in the editor’s reply that though my story would certainly appear on their website, it might also be in print if chosen for their yearly anthology.

I wanted to send a mail seeking clarification on the bewildering year-long gap between the dates of acceptance and publication. But I stopped, and surfed their website. The contributors, whose stories have appeared, are published writers with some having been published in ten other journals. This journal – with categories like fiction, non fiction, academic, poetry, and multimedia – chooses one piece from among these categories every week. The last short story under fiction was published six weeks ago.

Math: 4 pieces per month multiplied by 12 is 48. Since their reading periods – when one can send the stories – are three months in the beginning and three months in the middle of a calendar year, they possibly accepted 45 stories for publication before they accepted mine. They claim that they receive hundreds of submissions every year.

Which means May 23, 2016 is rewarding; a truck whooshing past in slow mo is comforting.


16 thoughts on “Acceptance, Publication

  1. Nail biting stuff indeed Mahesh, but many congratulations for your upcoming publication, which is something to look forward with wonderful anticipation! I was first approached by the editor of the magazine to which I sent my article in the late summer of 2012 but it wasn’t published until the April edition of 2013. I’ve come to learn that this is often the case – if that helps! So happy for you my friend, and so glad to see you back here again, I missed you very much 🙂

    • It certainly helps — thanks so much for sharing that. When I was away I thought about only two bloggers and I’m sending this message to one of them. Missed you, too, my friend.

  2. Congratulations Mahesh! That’s an achievement! Yep, that could be long waiting for publication. I learned that from an article I sent to a magazine, it was accepted in February but then it was published in September 😀 But no mater what, it is something to be proud of! Keep writing!!

  3. Remember: writing is a PROCESS, not a PRODUCT. I think it helps keeping that in mind in all aspects of writing; publishing, too!

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