CN Tower Defies Gravity

My legs shivered, feet appeared to slip. I feared that the glass would break.

But a note that was written on the wall in bold letters THIS GLASS FLOOR CAN WITHSTAND THE WEIGHT OF 14 LARGE HIPPOS redbulled my limbs. A dozen-plus hippos might not be heavy after all and tragedy could happen – went the thought in my head. My moist palms.


It was sunny that morning but Toronto trembled in the December chill. The observation deck of CN Tower with this straight down view could terrify even those without acrophobia. The glass floor was 1,122 feet above the ground.


I walked baby steps but some children ran the length of the floor. I stepped on to a side and squatted, placing my hand on the glass. The sweat on my palm left cold trails on the glass.


You are safe: 256 square feet of solid glass – five times stronger than the standard required weight – should be the only thought in your head.

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  1. Yeah. I’m with you…sort of! I’m not sure I would have dared get on that glass floor at all. I have no desire to get on the glass/plexiglass platform at the Grand Canyon, or anywhere else!

    Those swimming pools over the street don’t appeal to me either. I’m a chicken! You are BRAVER than me my friend!

  2. It’s scary, but I did it. 🙂
    Children haven’t learnt to fear like me we have. Maybe that’s the trick….

  3. Cool images! I have issue with certain heights sometimes so I can’t imagine myself standing like you did 🙂

  4. thrilling M – and I like how you made this a short post that is dense with descriptives – 🙂 what a fun place to visit

  5. No way, I don’t do heights and I definitely could not do this. You are much braver than me my friend. I have chills just thinking about it … o_O

    • Thanks a lot, my friend, for writing 🙂 I may be braver than you but those children are the bravest. And if someone taunts me next time “Don’t be a child,” I’ll react, “What’s wrong with being a child; as a child I can jump and run on the glass floor of CN Tower.”

  6. That is good writing. Things of the Heart, written well, with the Mind! Kudos and Regards. 🙂

  7. Oh wow, there’s a depth to the writing that matches the depth of the physical height here! Well done, Mahesh – and great photos too!!

  8. I love the post and pics … It makes me a little bit dizzy though o_O
    Have a great May head dear Mahesh! Aquileana 😀

  9. Interesting how children always manage to be carefree in the presence of danger. Ignorance is bliss?
    So what was this place in Canada?

  10. I know what you’re speaking about. I did it once and it was quite – well let’s say difficult.

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