Breathing Halloween Skeletons


We met this bunch of suave guitar-holding skeletons at a Halloween party for children, which my toddler son thoroughly enjoyed.

My first reaction looking at them was, though they were barren their presence was paramount, shrouding the rest of us in the hall. Setting the mood for the occasion, they sent vibes of joy and were unlike other blood-curdling or spine-tingling skeletons.

Though their smile was endearing their eyeballs cautioned that they’d long been dead: Stare at the “balls-eye” and you’ll know.

How different are we from them? Dead and insensitive we too are? In flesh and blood we certainly are breathing. We are worse shadows.

14 thoughts on “Breathing Halloween Skeletons

  1. Were they real skeletons or pretend skeletons?
    My first brush with skeletons was in Medical college, where we ‘bought’ an entire skeleton for Rs 1000/- or else we used the Institution’s skeleton.
    In case of latter, we had to ‘loan’ individual bones, in order to take it home and revise it’s muscle attachments.
    LOL, you can imagine me sitting in a public transport bus nonchalantly , with a skull in hand!

  2. Love the photo, what marvellous skeletons these are Mahesh! But I love this even more: ‘Dead and insensitive we too are in flesh and blood, but we are certainly breathing. We are good shadows.’ Very, very deep this my friend…beautifully written.
    (Am in process of getting a new laptop, once all set up and I’m properly up and running again, I’ll be over for our little BB chat…but wanted to check in on you first, as I’ve been very slow at catching up!!! Meanwhile, have a lovely day… 🙂 )

  3. these skeletons are a great find. I am coming back later to read and catch up on some posts, but wanted to say that your words generated some thinking.

    also, really appreciated the breaking bad sharing – and seriously, I could have gone back and forth non-stop – esp. when it hit the mexico scenes!!
    but another time, another time. 🙂 and I realized how much we have in common – funny how posts will do that – have a great day and BRB

  4. Thanks Prior. Much appreciated. BB was a damn good show: One of the scenes that hooked me onto it happened in the last episode – and was perhaps the last scene – of the first season. Don’t want to spoil it for you but it clearly set the stage for WW and you’d want to be with him from thereon.

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