The Caribbean Sea Conundrum

In the fading twilight, as the Caribbean Sea lends quietude to a noisy park in Malecon, these musicians showcase their skills; their objective is to earn some Dominican Peso so they buy dinner for their family in this poverty-stricken Caribbean nation.

Three ladies, a gentleman, and a child appear to be a family. Though the ladies may love some music, spending pesos is hard given their expenses and there’s a child, too. So the gentleman on the left initiates a look-elsewhere strategy triggering a look-elsewhere response from the rest.

The performer wearing the brim hat looks elsewhere too; he’s begun to understand the futility of their collectiveย tune.



17 thoughts on “The Caribbean Sea Conundrum

  1. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    How many of us walk past buskers in the tube or on a street corner and studiously ignore the open guitar case with its carefully arranged 10ps and coppers! Of course if the music is terrible you might be covering your ears at the time. However, as this post identifies for some street performers a handful of coins means the difference between supper for their children or not. I guess perhaps the answer is that a handful of coins, however unmusical is worth it for their effort and courage in standing there in the first place to be judged!

  2. In Jaisalmer’s sand dunes, I saw tiny girls decked up and painted with makeup. At a mere flick of the fingers, they would start twirling and shaking their hips to outrageous Hindi lyrics, their faces blankly woeful.
    They seemed like dolls high on Marijuana. It was sickening.

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