Character Buildings In New York City

In continuing the series on New York City, this is my third post (firstsecond).

This will take you to the clusters of glass, steel and concrete. The tall buildings of NYC. Capturing them on camera was easy.

Brilliant architecture and lovely designs have infused life into these buildings, giving them character.

Hyatt and Chrysler621360_10151289585220625_2132890286_o

Chrysler Building177675_10151289585395625_999917920_o

Apple Store57395_10151316771850625_1463415113_o

Bank of America Tower171927_10151316773960625_1502696759_o

Freedom TowerIMG_3875




photo (4)

Some magnificent structuresIMG_3728









From atop the Empire State: the downtown viewIMG_3046

Midtown and uptown viewDSCN0247


Bergdorf Goodman 52769_10151316772390625_508349399_o

Time Warner Center415740_10151316766140625_1119920250_o

The Plaza Hotel665979_10151316765520625_1439334392_o

United Nations132815_10151289586985625_179817469_o

Gorgeous skyscrapers172755_10151289584115625_2029968795_o






Metlife Building176963_10151289584585625_1355493259_o

Rockefeller Plaza398143_10150620599720625_610141746_n

Washington Square Arch200943_10150229688495625_8185752_o

St. Patrick’s Cathedral402441_10150620598770625_1378830332_n

The Empire State11146_216692215624_2278989_n

New York Stock Exchange35331_453780580624_5642733_n

New York Public Library176164_10151289581685625_942165916_o

Citi Building193096_10151289578500625_1557436214_o\




The National Museum of the American Indian 461815_10151193686415625_910738829_o

Grand Central Terminal401070_10150620607595625_987334125_n

(from the inside)IMG_3944

Downtown Manhattan skyline (view from the apartment)IMG_6004

Midtown Manhattan skyline (view from our previous apartment)35379_453780890624_7495325_n


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  1. Reblogged this on Forget the Viagra, Pass Me a Carrot and commented:
    The Write Might brings New York to Saturday Reblog – These buildings are an incredible feat of engineering and like ant hills are teeming with life. Great photographs

  2. Did you get a shot of The Dakota, or did I miss it?

    Now that’s a cool building. 1880’s luxury apartment house.

  3. Hi!
    I’m not sure which buildings are taller than others but these are very tall than I am used to. It reminds me of the times when I was an ironworker who helped build the framework to buildings like these. They were pretty tall too. I love the way these buildings have a look of their own. It helps to distinguish how & what they look like when describing them to other people I know. Very cool!

  4. wow – this is one of the best slideshows of the buildings in new york that I have ever seen. love them all – but that unique vie wot the NYSE was my fav. but such a great post. 🙂 ~y.

  5. Looking at your pictures from so far away I was humming the old tune that goes…. “Take me back to Manhattan, take me back to New York, I’m just longing to see once more, my little home on the hundredth floor. Can you wonder I’m gloomy? Can you smile when I frown? I miss the East side, the West Side, the North Side and the South Side. So, take me back to Manhattan, that dear old dirty town!”

  6. Thank you for following my blog. I lived among the buildings of New York and can attest to their beauty. Nice pictorial

  7. Great pictures!
    NY – the city I think everyone wishes to visit. It’s one of my destinies too, I hope someday I can visit it. It has a particular mindset and energy 🙂 Which building is your favourite?

    • Thanks 🙂 Hope you’ll travel to the city soon. Well, each building is unique and I like all of them, but since you asked me I’d say Freedom Tower, New York Stock Exchange, The National Museum of the American Indian, to name a few. Which one would you definitely visit when you’re here?

      • Freedom Tower as well, although I would love to visit the New York Public Library next 🙂 From a psychologist point of view and giving a second look to your title, I couldn’t avoid thinking what these choices may mean lol. Thanks for your time 😉

  8. Oooh, NY skyscrapers–thanks for reminding me I gotta go there someday to see it all in person!

  9. Very nice. Makes me want to visit the USA. I come all the way from Singapore.

  10. Fantastic images and buildings ! I have to visit New York 🙂

  11. Well, it’s not Europe but it’s as close as we have here in America! I wish all cities were like New York. Maybe not in scale or population but the energy, dedication and artistic significance.

  12. What a terrific collection of shots of NYC’s grandest structures, old and new.

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