Great Stirrup Cay In Bahamas

Great Stirrup Cay is a private, 250-acre island in Bahamas, owned by Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), where we had a great time.

It has crystal clear water and soft white sand beaches. Swim, snorkel, sunbathe; there’s a mini Straw Market for shopping; midday beach-side BBQ for lunch; Hippo water slide: world’s largest inflatable water slide – 40 feet high, 175 feet long.

Lucayan Indians inhabited the island first, then Spanish explorers came, followed by the British. Slave traders were active in the 19th century. The cay was later used during the American Civil War; then as an American base to fight German submarines active in the Caribbean during World War II. And before NCL bought the island from an oil company, the US Air Force used it as a satellite tracking station.

Swim or snorkel beside a school of tropical fish, or get a photo taken with a waiter-in-water.


Beach chairs may outdo the blue of the sky.204

Lifeguard’s best rock-seat160

Fresh arrivals143

Approaching the cay021

Coconut palm – the common treeaa


Soft white sand beaches207

ee (2)

ee (1)

The mini Straw Marketcc (1)

Calm ocean breeze adds to the funii (1)

Hammock-ing relaxes

gg (2)

Hippo Water Slideii (2)


Dusk’s approaching the island224

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  1. Love the pictures!
    Jessica, Turquoise Compass

  2. Beautiful pictures of the beach and it would be great fun being there..

  3. The Bahamas is def on my travel list! Followed you back and excited for new content!

  4. Beautiful Pics. I’ve been there once. We had a blast!

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