My Statue Of Liberty Moment In Santo Domingo

Was when I met Montesinos.

This 150-foot stone and bronze statue of Fray Antón de Montesinos, donated by the Mexican government, is half the size of Statue of Liberty (305 feet). It faces the Caribbean sea on Santo Domingo Harbor.


Montesinosa was a Dominican priest who protested the way the Spanish treated the New World native Indians, and in a famous sermon in 1511, he courageously spoke against this ill-treatment.


His sermon triggered a fierce debate over the natives’ rights and their identity.


He died around 1545.


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  1. The final photo is brilliant. Great angle.

  2. Why would you call this your ‘Statue of Liberty’ moment?
    Nice pictures !

    • Good question. I thought about it myself. What made sense to me was: one, both are at least 150 feet tall; two, both represent freedom and independence. How? The Roman goddess of freedom — by being an icon; and Montesinos — by humanely defending the natives. Makes sense?

  3. Love the history lesson – thank you!

  4. I love the last visual, Mahesh. He seems to be shouting for freedom, calling to everyone within listening distance.

  5. Great post! Love the last image.

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