Casa Loma In Toronto

Casa Loma, in Toronto, was Sir Henry Mill Pellatt’s early 20th century residence.


Inside Casa Loma, there’s a tunnel – 800 feet long – which was once a secret passage between the castle and horse stables.Image

Legend has it that the tunnel is haunted. People have seen a lady in white, heard spooky voices, felt unseen grabbing hands.Image

Out of the tunnel but still inside of the castle, this spiral staircase will lead you to the highest point in the tower. The staircase is narrow, may become congested, is the only way up and down. Image


14 thoughts on “Casa Loma In Toronto

  1. That is a great looking castle. I wonder if was creepy to live in a castle. I bet that tunnel was fun for kids but I bet it could be scary.

    • Thanks Sonya for your observation 🙂 Sir Henry Mill lived like a king in the castle. Later, he lost all of his wealth and had to leave the castle. Creepiness, they say, came into existence after his death and he too was spotted in the tunnel 🙂

  2. I love haunted places! (Of course if I ever come face to face with a ghost that might change!). Very cool pictures! It makes me want to visit.

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